For me it all started when I was about 12 years old.

I would be working in my dad’s restaurant and all the Italian men from the neighborhoods would come and dine with us.

They would stay late to play cards and drink grappa until the early hours of the morning. They all dressed in suits and looked impeccable.


They had a swagger like no other. Exuding confidence, elegance and a certain style that made you want to look and act like them.

I was hooked. I wanted to look as good as they did. 

That is where my love for the suit was born.

So, I promised myself I would always dress as well as they did, not only that but get people looking and feeling as good as I do in a well-tailored suit.


SuitYou is born, A personal image consultancy service. 

Specialized in suiting the modern gentleman.

My focus is to create a look for my clients that makes them feel amazing. The emphasis is to give them the confidence to swagger and enjoy the sartorial delights and process of buying a suit.

To achieve this, communication is key.


I love to understand my client fully, so an informal consultation over an espresso or drink is a great way for me to listen and gain an insight into the motivations of my clients. After the initial discussion we can go to work on creating and providing the desired look.

 Its all about the tailoring experience. Swagger, elegance and how purchasing the right suit can make you feel phenomenal.

Jason Fanti